Collimating Lenses CAY and CAW

Since 1985, Philips manufactured plastic aspherical collimating lenses, primarily for use in CD and later DVD and BluRay optical storage systems. From these lenses general purpose collimation lenses for laser diode have been derived (CAY033, CAY046 and CAW100). In this way, users of these lenses benefit of the well designed and rigorous quality approach needed for a mass manufactured product. Because of the High Quality / Low Cost necessity, the manufacturing method of choice has been injection molding of optical plastic in high precision molds with optical finish. With this approach an exceptionally high degree of uniformity is created between lenses produced.

General use

Over time, many millions of these lenses have found their way to the respective users, in Optical Storage industries, Barcode scanning, Laser pointing and many other applications.

Lenstypes and Application Note